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Screw-on arrowheads

Arrows are an essential material to practice archery. In fact, without ammunition, you cannot hit your target, whether it is a stationary target or a game. An arrow is generally made up of various inseparable accessories. In addition to the shaft, the notch, and the feathers, the head remains a crucial element, and you should not neglect its choice. It is the piercing part of the arrow and is located opposite the notch. It penetrates the target first and is often subjected to great strain.

An arrowhead is usually conical in shape and is mostly made of iron. The material used may be tungsten or zinc depending on the intended use. This accessory plays an important role in the balance of the arrow. It also helps to stabilize the arrow during the flight to a given target. Besides, its weight can also affect the flexibility of the arrow shaft and the output performance of the bow arrow. The screw-on arrowhead is one of the two main types of arrowheads for archery. It has a female thread and is screwed to an insert that will be glued to the arrow shaft.

Hattila is a specialist in archery equipment and accessories and offers a wide choice of arrowheads. You can find in its selection different models of screw-on arrowheads for all types of use. Whether you are looking for screw-on arrowheads for target or screw-on hunting blades, Hattila offers you quality products renowned for their reliability. They are offered at various prices depending on the specificities and weight required.

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