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Trekking and survival shoes

Hiking or survivalism in the high mountains can't compare to those short walks on flat ground in the countryside. The more demanding the terrain of your excursion, the more you will need strong and comfortable trekking and survival shoes, capable of braving extreme conditions.So, before setting out on your adventure, it is essential to choose those clothing and equipment and more specifically your survival or trekking footwear, as they will be the basis of the success of your outings. Here are a few criteria to make sure you make the right choice of survival shoes:

  • The specific elements that make up the shoes (support, sole rigidity, grip, protection, material, etc.);
  • Type of shoe shaft (high or low);
  • Type of shoe according to the type of terrain (mountaineering, long hike, short hike, approach, etc.);
  • Appropriate size;
  • Comfort;
  • Waterproofing;
  • Season (hot or cold);
  • Etc.

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