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Compact Tents

To endure a long outdoor expedition, you need to keep your belongings compact and as light as possible. In addition to survival equipment, you should also be prepared for your comfort when sleeping in bivouac.

Know that there are different types of tents depending on the need. For example, there are the:

  • Tarp tents. They are made of one or two straight poles with a thin "light tarp" protection. These compact tents are very popular for a quick bivouac in good weather. This type of shelter does not protect from cold and wind.
  • Tunnel tents. This type of tents is designed for one or two people max. Its space is limited.
  • Dome tent. This is the most popular type of tent currently on the market. They are quick to erect and self-supporting.
  • Geodesic tents. This is a dome tent with additional poles to optimize stability and wind resistance.

To choose the right tent, you need to consider a few parameters, including:

  • Type
  • Compactness and lightness
  • Practicality in terms of mounting and dismounting
  • Size
  • Weight
  • Temperature and weather conditions
  • Etc.
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