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Cover & tarpaulins

Covers and tarpaulins are very popular accessories for outdoor activities because of their practicality and multifunctionality in bivouac. Easy to store and not taking up too much space, these waterproof tarpaulins are mainly used to protect from wind and rain. Also, they have other functions such as:

To make the right choice of cover and tarpaulin, you will have to consider:

  • its size according to the intended use (camping, bivouac, survivalism, etc.);
  • its weight, because the slightest gram can make the difference especially for a long trek or in survival situation;
  • the place of expedition (humid, hot zone, etc.);
  • the intedend use (shelter, ground sheet, etc.);
  • the quality of the material of manufacture;
  • the compactness to facilitate its storage;
  • etc.

Finally, there are also other secondary parameters like the brand, the color, etc.

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