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First aid trek, hike and survival

During an outdoor activity or in a survival situation, danger lurks around every corner. It is therefore important to have a first aid and survival kit, but also to have some first aid knowledge in order to be able to intervene quickly in case of need. This can be done to prevent an injury from getting worse or even to save lives while waiting for rescue teams.

In case of an incident, it is necessary to remain calm, protect, alerting the emergency services and rescue:

  • Protecting refers to the protection of the scene of the accident (signalling upstream and downstream), eliminating potential risks, establishing a safety perimeter and keeping to it in case of imminent danger.
  • To alert means to give the alarm or to ask someone to call for help.
  • To rescue means to give first aid to the victim and to perform first aid gestures according to the situation. This implies that you must have concrete knowledge and mastered first aid through training (lateral safety position, resuscitation, compression point).

Note: First aid procedures must be adapted to the situation the victim is in (wound or burn, discomfort, bleeding, unconsciousness, etc.) with the goal of maintaining the victim's health or directing him or her to help.

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