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Plates and bowls

How to make the most of a meal in the wilderness? When you go hiking, trekking, or survivalism for several days, you will be far from any convenience and a real kitchen. It is also essential to limit your accessories and equipment to save space in your backpack and limit your base weight.

That is why the hiking plates and bowls you take with you must be practical, versatile and adapted to your needs.

To choose the right plates and bowls for your outdoor activities, we invite you to think about the following elements:

  • The type of use (one-day nature outing or several days of light hiking) will help to define the choice of weight, sturdiness, and volume of your food equipment.
  • The frequency of use (light, medium, and heavy) will define the type of materials to be used, the sturdiness, and the price.
  • The eating habits (grilling, cereals and nuts, instant coffee, etc.) will help to define the shape, the size, and the weight of your equipment.
  • The food variety (grilling, cereals and nuts, instant coffee, etc.) will help to definit the shape, the capacity, the functions and the materials to be preferred.
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