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Trekking stoves

The tent and diaper bag are ready, the backpack is almost done. All that's left is to get a good stove to complement your survival equipment and hiking gear. This way, you will be able to enjoy your outings in the wilderness, in the mountains or in bivouac. What type of stove to choose?

You can choose between different types of trekking stoves, such as:

  • gas stove;
  • petrol stove;
  • wood stove;
  • alcohol stove.

To make the right choice, you should consider a few parameters such as:

  • the type of expedition;
  • the area of your expedition;
  • the size of the stove;
  • the weight of the stove;
  • the accessibility of the fuel;
  • the heat output;
  • the comfort of use (smoke, smell of the fuel, etc.);
  • the ease of use and maintenance.
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