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Meat bags

Storing your food while hiking or doing survivalism activities is an important consideration. Typically, adventurers use plastic bags, but not just any plastic bags. Plastic meat bags for hiking or survival use a 7-code system that makes it easy to identify the nature and best use function of each model.

In this way, it is simpler to find the ideal food bag to keep meat on expedition. There are the plastic bags that show:

  • A sign with the number 1 in the middle:plastic for storage and cooking.
  • A ring with the number 3: PVC food plastic to keep the meat fresh in the refrigerator.
  • A ring with the number 4: This is a PE or polyethylene food grade plastic. It usually comes in the form of a plastic film. The same goes for PP or polypropylene (category 5).

To keep your meat longer, it would be interesting to use several vacuum plastic bags to store it before you leave.

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