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Waterproof kitchens

A waterproof kitchen - also known as a bowl, folding sink or portable sink - is a convenient camping and bivouac device to use for cooking and washing dishes. With a good waterproof kitchen, you'll have the ability to manage your food more easily and safely while hiking or trekking. Tip: By using biodegradable cleaners, you will preserve the environment by avoiding contaminating the surrounding water and endangering biodiversity.

Note: In order not to infect the surrounding natural resources, it is recommended to wash the dishes or do your toilet at a distance of at least 100 meters from a water point.

To choose your waterproof kitchen adequately, the following elements should be considered:

  • its capacity;
  • its weight;
  • its thickness;
  • its folded volume;
  • its flexibility;
  • its resistance (to shock, detergent, temperature, etc.);
  • its ease of transport and storage;
  • etc.
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