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Foldable toothbrushes

When making your checklist of things to take with you on your wilderness expeditions or survivalism activities, don't forget to slip your toothbrush into your toiletry kit outdoor. Brushing your teeth is a habit that should be done daily and carefully. Otherwise, you will risk having hygiene problems such as bad breath, heavy tooth stripping, oral infections, etc.

However, it should be remembered that your care and comfort products should not hinder your mobility, always remember not to overload your luggage. Thus, opt for a good manual foldable toothbrush. There are different types of toothbrushes on the market. To find the right folding toothbrush, you need to consider:

  • the hardness of its bristles;
  • the shape of its head;
  • the pattern of the bristles;
  • the design of the handle.

The most popular among hikers or trekkers remain the manual toothbrush with a folding handle design. It is easier to store and takes up little space.

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