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When you go on a hike, a trek or a survivalism session lasting several days, your clothes are likely to get soaked. This can be caused by rain or just after washing it. Therefore, you can air dry your hiking clothes on a clothesline, if there is no rain. Having clean, dry clothes is also a hygiene matter not to be overlooked.

In addition to being used to dry your clothing and equipment, a good clothesline is also a very practical and versatile outdoor outing accessory. You can use it to set up your tarp or trekking tarp, tie something down, etc.

You can find different types of clotheslines on the market to choose from. The question is which one to buy. To be sure you are buying the right clothesline, you need to consider several selection criteria. Your final choice is to be defined according to these points:

  • price;
  • length;
  • weight;
  • quality;
  • sturdiness;
  • aesthetics;
  • design;
  • etc.
OD clothesline with clothespins
Sold out

Put your linens to dry on this OD clothesline with clothespins ! Convenient and efficient, this accessory is easily carried in your washing.

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