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Soap boxes

When you go on an outdoor adventure, it's important to have the right survival equipment. You need to bring light and practical items so that they don't take up too much space and your backpack doesn't become too heavy.

When it comes to hygiene for example, bringing a small organic soap or shower gel will be more than enough. To store it, nothing beats a soap box. This practical and multifunctional accessory (washing yourself, washing dishes, disinfecting wounds, toothpaste, shaving cream, etc.) is an essential element to complete your toiletry kit. Thus, your soap would be stored in the best conditions.

To find the right soap box for your needs, you should consider several selection criteria. The objective of this choice will be to have a quality travel soap case, waterproof, but breathable. Those are the criteria of a great use, wherever you are.

For this, you should also consider:

  • the material (wood, metal, plastic, etc.);
  • the size of the soap box;
  • the aesthetics;
  • the waterproofing;
  • the sturdiness;
  • the durability;
  • etc.
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