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Know that the feet and hands are the most fragile parts of our body when it comes to the cold phenomenon. Get a warmer to help them stay warm. It is a very practical travel accessory during winter and can be very interesting during your survivalism activities. Also, it will be perfect when hiking, bivouac in the mountains or anywhere the temperatures are low enough, especially at night.

Heaters can be declined in four distinct types:

  • the electric heater;
  • the gasoline heater;
  • the chemical heater;
  • the USB rechargeable heater.

If you are wondering how to choose your heater, here are some criteria to consider :

  • the model adapted to your use (reusable or USB rechargeable);
  • the autonomy of the heater (for USB rechargeable models);
  • the lifespan;
  • the different options offered;
  • the cost;
  • the ease of transport and storage;
  • the size;
  • the level of heating;
  • etc.

For outdoor outings, nothing beats a good old-fashioned gasoline heater.

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