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Water pouches

survivalism enthusiast or trekking and other outdoor activities? Supplement your food intake with your drinking water supply. For this, don't forget to include in your survival kit the water pouch, also called hydration pouch or camelback. Compared to the classic gourds and water bottles, it offers many advantages. The water pouch greatly reduces the need to move to drink. Thus, you can focus solely on your path.

It also allows you to carry more volume of water with you, and this, with better comfort. Indeed, their capacity can reach 3 to 4 liters. In addition to your gear and clothing, the hydration bag can be clipped to your backpack without getting in the way of your walking. Very light, it will allow you to carry with you the vital minimum for stay hydrated and have water permanently. Along with your survival equipment, the water pouch or camelback is the equipment of choice for trekking and hiking.

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