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Being able to make fire is as crucial as having enough food and water for any wilderness lifestyle and for survivalism. While the wood rubbing method is still one of the best known techniques for making fire, it is not always as effective. The perfect survivalist kit should therefore contain fuel, the essential accessories for making a fire at any time and under any circumstances.

Fuels to start a fire with ease

There are different methods for creating a spark. But to make a real fire with flames more quickly you need dry fuel. Fire is as vital in survival as it is in hiking and bushcraft. Not only does it cook food and boil water, but it is also essential for warmth, light and keeping out predators and insects.

The fuels in our range of energy and fire tools and equipment also include products suitable for keeping your hands warm in any situation. Indeed, to avoid shivering from the cold, you can opt for a heater that you can use as a real energy source with a petrol hand warmer burner, the perfect alternative to replace the burner of your hand warmer in case of failure.

If you want to make a fire without getting tired, opt for a fire starter adapted to difficult environments, a fire starter that will allow you to burn your fuel with ease. If you have opted for a lighter, don't forget to bring refills, such as this gas for Zippo lighter.

Very practical and economical, the fuels accompany you in your daily life as a survivalist and as a lover of adventures in the wilderness.

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