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Multifunction knives

The multifunction knife, also called Swiss Army knife, is one of the most practical survival tools. Thanks to its different functionalities, it can be used everywhere and in all circumstances. It includes several tools that allow its user to perform different operations: cutting, scraping, opening, sanding, peeling ... In situations where there is no screwdriver, knives, sharp shovels, saws and other tools, the multifunction knife is a real survival knife.

With the different models offered on the market, it is sometimes difficult to choose a good multi-function knife. When buying a knife, it is advisable to check the following elements:

  • Blade manufacturing materials: stainless steel, carbon or stainless steel blades are more resistant and strong. A good quality blade will allow you to cut different materials.
  • Different functionalities: it is preferable to choose models that integrate several tools (saw, grater, screwdriver, corkscrew, can opener, perforator...)
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