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Survival knives

The survival knife is one of the survival equipment essentials for hikers, trekkers and wilderness campers. It can be used to defend against wild animals, make a fire, chop wood, prepare food or serve as an hunting tool. What makes it different from a classic knife is that it is designed for rough and intense use.

The choice of a survival knife should not be rushed. When you make your first purchase, it is not always easy to choose the right model. Here are some criteria to consider to help you find the right survival knife:

  • The type of steel: models made from corrosion resistant and easy to sharpen materials are to be preferred
  • The size: it all depends on the type of use you plan to make of it. For wilderness use, a survival knife longer than 30 cm is recommended.
  • Built-in features: it all depends on your needs. Some models are even equipped with a slingshot, for example.
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