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Compound Bow 75 Lbs

Compound bows of 75 lbs are very powerful and can send an arrow to several hundred meters without problem.
These are the compound bows that are used for bow hunting in general, they are light and precise, and thanks to the let-off which demystifies the force necessary to maintain the firing position of about 60-70% you can bend the bow and stay in position much longer than with a recurve bow.
Compound arches are reserved for adults over 18 years old.




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EK Archery Axis Compound Bow
In stock
Compound hunting bows

EK Archery
Be sure to make the right choice with the Ek Archery Axis compound bow! EK Archery Axis is a powerful and adjustable target bow suitable for beginners and advanced archers. With an arrow speed of over 310 fps or 340.1 km/h and an easy adjustment from 30 to 70 lbs, this bow is ideal for training as well as competition.
EK Archery Exterminator...
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Compound hunting bows

EK Archery
Treat yourself to a high quality and very accessible compound bow! The compound bow EK Exterminator will amaze you with its ease of use, precision, and stability. This fantastic bow is designed to suit archers of all ages, from beginner to intermediate level. All of his components were refined to ensure maximum performance and reliability.
Compound bow 50 to 75 lbs black Compound bow 50 to 75 lbs black 2
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Compound Bow 75 Lbs

This bow is composed of an aluminum handle and fiberglass arches compressed, powerful and handy it is dreadful!

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