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Filtering straws

If several tools are indispensable to any good survivalist, the filtering straw certainly belongs to the category of survival objects to be carried, even essential tools in survival situation. Indeed, the filtering straws allow you not to overload your pack while having an effective tool for have water drinking.

This alternative to the gourds and water bottles allows you to drink directly from any water source. The filter contained in the straw eliminates the impurities contained in the water. It is even possible to fill your water pouch or gourd with water and drink its contents with a filtering straw later.

The quality of filtration will be your first criterion of choice, knowing that the bacteria contained in the water measure between 0.1 and 0.2 micron. On the other hand, the quantity of water that can be filtered by a single straw can reach up to 2000 liters for the most efficient models. Even if you have an accessory to make fire and thus boil your water, the filtering straw remains practical and quick to use to protect your health even better.

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