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Knife sheaths

More than just a decorative element, the primary function of the sheath is to ensure that your survivalist knife is carried safely. At the same time, it protects the blade from external aggressions such as humidity. A knife with a high carbon content blade is more susceptible to corrosion and should be well protected. Then, the choice of a sheath requires careful consideration, because many people are unaware that for a particular model of knife, there is a sheath specially adapted for it.

Case: for folding blade knives

Non-knife experts generally think that only straight-bladed knives should be equipped with a sheath. Indeed, these are the most common models. However, there is a wide variety of sheaths available for folding knives, including :

The vertical case

The vertical sheath may or may not be formed on a folding knife. While some models benefit from a flap, others are reduced to very sleek, but functional configurations. This type of sheath often has a visible snap and an inner lining.

The horizontal case

Like the vertical sheaths, the horizontal sheaths may or may not be moulded onto a wooden form or onto the knife. It also has a snap button (visible or hidden by a decorative button). In general, this type of sheath is popular with hikers, as it allows the knife to be clipped to the belt.

The pebble case

The pebble case, commonly known as a pancake case, is a model that exists in a slanted or straight form. It may or may not have a lining. Like most folding knife sheaths, it has a visible or partially hidden snap.

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