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Recurve Bows 20 Lbs

The 20-pound recurve bows are classical arches which are generally aimed at young people. These are small arches without pulleys easy to use and cheap.





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€40.00 - €110.00
Ek Archery Take Down...
Sold out
Adult beginner bows

Ek Archery Take Down compound bow

EK Archery
If you are looking for an intermediate level archery bow or just want to have fun, the Ek Archery Take Down recurve bow is the best choice! The EK Archery Take Down recurve bow is a full-size bow with compressed fiberglass limbs offering fantastic power. This allows for incredibly smooth and fast shot cycles and excellent accuracy.
Ek Archery Beetle Recurve Bow
In stock
Beginner competition bows

Ek Archery Beetle Recurve Bow

EK Archery
Don't miss the opportunity to treat yourself to this junior traditional bow! The Ek Archery Beetle recurve bow is an excellent bow to introduce children to the world of archery, with high-quality equipment from a leading brand on the archery market.
EK Archery Robin Hood...
Sold out
Adult beginner bows

EK Archery Robin Hood recurve bow

EK Archery
Do you want to learn how to shoot a bow? The Ek Archery Robin Hood recurve bow is an ideal traditional bow for beginners! This junior size classic bow has perfect power for young archers starting in archery and allows them to improve their skills. Designed for right and left-handed archers, it is very easy to handle.
EK Archery Korrigan Recurve...
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Beginner competition bows

EK Archery Korrigan Recurve Bow

EK Archery
Are you looking for a highly reliable traditional bow for beginners? The EK Archery recurve bow is probably what you need! This bow is lightweight and with a draw weight of 15-20 pounds, it is ideal for young archers who want to learn the basics of archery. It is ideal for shooters between 14 and 18 years old. Its limbs are made of strong and flexible...

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