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Food Boxes

Planning to go hiking for several days? In addition to providing you with the survival equipment and accessories essential to your hygiene, health and comfort, good food and nutrition are also important factors not to be neglected during your hikes and expeditions in the great outdoors. It is recommended to bring foods such as nuts, almonds and hazelnuts, both as food and as snacks. You can also think of beef jerky, which is light, high in protein and easy to eat. But that doesn't mean you can't eat hot food during your trip. You can just as easily prepare food by lighting a fire or using accessories such as a stove, for example.To keep your food in good condition, the ideal is to carry it in one or more food boxes. How to choose it? Here are some criteria to consider to help you in your purchase decision:

  • manufacturing materials;
  • capacity;
  • size;
  • isothermal capacity;
  • weight;
  • type of food to be transported;
  • etc./li>
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