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Left-handed compound bow

Compound bow: in brief

A compound bow is a shooting instrument made of wood or flexible materials. Unlike a traditional bow, a compound bow, as the name implies, operates on the principle of leverage acting on the pulleys at the end of the limbs. Compound bows generally use three networks of metal strings and pulleys to control the limbs.

Three main groups of compound bows can be defined according to the cam system used:

  • A simple cam;
  • Double cams ;
  • Hybrid cams.

Left-handed Compound Bow

he left-handed compound bow is a bow designed for left-handed archers. Note that left-handed archers hold the bow in their right hand and the string in their left hand, and vice versa. In other words, there are bows on the market designed for both left-handed and right-handed archers.

This laterality must be taken into account when choosing a bow. Using a bow that corresponds to the archer's dominant eye allows us to define the shooting pattern adapted to the shooter concerned. For example, we can define :

  • Holding the bow (left or right hand) ;
  • The sight (left or right eye).

This is why knowledge of the directing eye or laterality is a very important part of the main criteria for choosing a bow.

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