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Alerting the emergency services trek, hike and survival

Self-reliance is at the heart of the survivalism concept. However, in some situations, you may still need help. Whether you are in the middle of a forest or on a mountain top, it is essential to be able to alert the emergency services if necessary. Even if you do have a complete set of equipment for your protection and emergency care, you may find yourself short of solutions in survival situation. This is why it is important to have a means of communication, such as a walkie-talkie. Distress flares will also be a precious help to be spotted by the emergency services. Don't forget to keep a cell phone with you that you can charge with a solar charger. As far as survival tools are concerned, the whistle will also be an excellent way to alert the rescue services in the vicinity of your position. Indeed, surviving also requires adopting the right strategies to alert the emergy services.

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