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Defend and secure yourself trek, hike and survival

During your outdoor activities, such as trekking, hiking, bushcraft, extreme sports or survivalism, it is essential to know how to defend and secure yourself. If learning self defense techniques can be useful, you also need to have the most essential safety and protection gear and tools. If knives are already part of your survival tools, to have them at hand in case of defense, the tactical vest will be practical and effective. Also remember to make up your first aid and survival kit correctly, because in case of an emergency situation, your safety is even more at risk. The survival bracelet, thanks to its solid design, can also be used as a survival weapon. In the wilderness, the crossbow and bow are the ultimate survivalist weapons. You can also choose from different categories of survivalist weapons that you can legally purchase on the market: holstered dagger, telescopic flashlight, hunting rifles...

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