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A cutting implement used since the dawn of time, the axe today comes in a steel blade attached to a wooden handle, usually. In the past, since prehistoric times, it was called a hatchet and was formed with a cut stone blade and a wooden handle. Although an axe is most often used today to cut wood, in the past it was also used as a weapon of war. Today, you can also use them in many situations: to clear an area in the forest, to cut down a tree or to build a survival shelter. There are different types and models of axes to choose from to meet all needs.

The different types of axes

The little axe or hatchet

As the name suggests, the hatchet is similar to the usual axe, but smaller in size. This makes it easy to handle, but also versatile. It can be used in many situations, such as felling trees or pruning. De par sa petite taille et son poids léger, la hachette peut également s’utiliser avec une seule main. It weighs on average between 0.5 kg and 1.5 kg, and is 25 to 40 cm long. If you are an outdoor or survivalist enthusiast, a survival hatchet will best suit your needs.

The tactical axe for outdoor or survivalist activities

The throwing axe is the origin of the tactical axe as you know it today. It was designed for woodworking. Unlike other types of axe, however, it is made with two sides, one being sharper than the other. While real throwing axes are mainly used in competitions, as a tactical axe it becomes a multifunctional tool for outdoor enthusiasts and survivalists. The sharper blade is ideal for cutting or splitting wood. On the other hand, the less sharp side is initially used on wood parts with knots. While the weight of a throwing axe is around 2 kg, the tactical axe is much lighter, weighing around 500 g or less. This makes it the perfect tool for camping or bushcraft. It will also be found in your survival kit to meet different needs, but also to respond to emergencies in case of disaster.

The classic or normal axe

This is the standard axe model that is easily found on the market, especially in DIY and garden centres. Thanks to its great strength and cutting precision, the standard axe is perfectly suited for splitting wood, but also for felling trees. For safe and efficient use, however, this type of axe should always be handled with both hands. En effet, elle pèse assez lourd, dans les 1,5 kg en général. In addition, it is also a bit long, from 55 to 70 cm. A classic axe is also a reliable piece of equipment for survival. It can be used for chopping wood as well as for cutting a path through a dense forest.

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