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Chef's knives

Chef's knives: great allies in kitchen

Become an expert in the kitchen with these fabulous chef's knives! For both enthusiasts and professionals, this is an all-purpose knives model for the kitchen. The length and thickness of the blade makes the chef's knife perfect for cutting, slicing, chopping and dicing. Whether it's vegetables, meat, fish, or even fruit, chef's knives are functional and perfectly suited to all your needs and a multitude of tasks.

Chef's knives: versatile and feature-rich models

Beyond its multi-purpose nature, chef's knives also offer optimal safety to their users. Its handle allows a safe, secure and ergonomic grip. Want to add chef's knives to your kitchen? Find what you are looking for in our beautiful catalog and among the many models! At Hattila, we offer you a wide range of high quality knives from the most renowned cutlery brands. Discover our selections to make an informed choice according to your needs. You will find among others :

  • Citadel Sashimi chef's knife
  • Citadel Nakiri Chef's Knife
  • Citadel Santoku Chef's Knife
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