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The Attila Bows

The Attila brand is well known in the manufacturing of ambidextrous classic Horsebow bow without window. The design of their products is often inspired by authentic traditional models full of history such as the authentic models used by Mongolians, Trartarians, Hungarians or Turkians. That's why they're called "authentic".

Choose from our selection of Attila bows and accessories available in stock at our online gun shop, including:

  • The Attila Mongolian Horsebow ;
  • The Attila Scythian Horsebow ;
  • Attila Hungarian Horsebow ;
  • The Attila Tartarian Horsebow ;
  • usw.

The structure of the Attila horsebow can be made of high quality laminated wood/fiberglass composite. This choice gives these bows maximum flexibility, stability and speed with every shot for a length up to 32″. Depending on the model you select, you'll be able to choose from a power range of 25 to 50lbs from 28″.

With their light weight and stability, these Attila bows are the perfect weapon for horseback archery. For the traditional medieval bow enthusiast, Attila bows are well made with authentic designs and well crafted leather finishes.

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