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Barnett Bows

Bernard Barnett founded the Barnett Crossbows brand in 1958 and created his first hunting crossbow. Since then, models have been produced continuously, followed by a wide variety of weapons, including bows, slingshots, etc. The brand is currently one of the world's top recreational hunting guns.

Although Barnett is known for its wide range of durable and high performance hunting crossbows such as GHOST, Phantom, Recruit, Predator, Raptor, RAZR series, TS 370 and 390, Zombie, Vengeance and not to forget the Buck Commander, the quality and craftsmanship it has in making bows is not to be taken lightly.

For example, choose from our selections of Barnett bows and accessories available in stock at our online gun shop, including:

  • Ambidextrous introductory bow models (compound or recurve), perfect for introducing children ages 5 to 8. These bows come with a more playful and effective look throughout their activity as Barnett Recurve Bow Quicksilver or Barnett Recurve Bow Centershot.
  • State of the art adjustable compound bows with power over 80lbs like the Barnett Vortex
  • Etc.
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