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Originally founded by Fred Bear (1902-1988), one of the pioneers of modern bowhunting, the Bear brand has been around and is still going strong, offering a wide variety of bow for every budget. The Bear brand offers different types of hunting bows, from straight bows to classic bows to compound bows to choose from. These bows are known for their good quality and price ratio.

Bear bows are often sold in kits, ready to use, allowing you to start archery at a lower cost. Some of the brand's colorful models will encourage archers to practice target and target practice. All you have to do is choose the arrow that best suits your draw length and bow strength.

Choose from our selection of Bear bows and accessories available in stock at our online gun shop, including:

  • Bear Whitetail Legend Compound Bow Pack;
  • Bear Species Ld 2019 Compound Bow Pack;
  • Bear Species Compound Bow Pack;
  • Bear Royale 2020 Compound Bow Pack;
  • Bear Legit Compound Bow Pack;
  • Bear Inception Compound Bow Pack;
  • Etc.
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