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The Diamond brand is specialized in the distribution of compound bows. Their bows are sold as complete kits with an excellent quality-price ratio and an exceptional technical design. They are part of the Bowtech group. As such, the brand strives to live up to the expectations of their product customers instead of focusing on marketing and sales.

Diamond bows are bow models that are suitable for almost every archer. Their brand offers different products for different purposes. While some are suitable for amateur archers, the others are more geared towards professional archers. In addition, many of their bow models offer different adjustment options (draw length and power) to accommodate people of all ages.

By making small adjustments to the accessories included in these kits, it is possible to reduce expenses while still enjoying a quality product. This allows people to tailor the finished product to specific needs and budgets.

Choose from our selection of Diamond bows and accessories available in stock at our online retailer, including:

  • Diamond Rak Deploy Sb Compound Bow Pack;
  • Diamond Rak Carbon Knockout Compound Bow Pack;
  • Diamond Prism Compound Bow Pack;
  • Diamond Infinite Edge Pro Compound Bow Pack;
  • Diamond Edge Sb-1 Compound Bow Pack;
  • Diamond Edge 320 Compound Bow Pack;
  • Etc.
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40 - 70

Draw length

20 - 35




€260.00 - €1,015.00

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