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Since June 2013, Eagle has been manufacturing target and traditional archery bows in the Northeast of England. The brand specializes in creating high quality custom wooden bows and arrows for traditional and target archery.

Eagle longbow models add luxury to your archery collection. They combine classic craftsmanship with the most advanced technology to produce high-end bows. For this reason, Eagle bows look, feel and perform like anyone would expect from an exceptional bow.

The system used in Eagle bow design is one of the most advanced in the archery industry. It takes into account the traditional look of the bow, the strength, the performance and the aesthetics of the product in order to adapt to the needs of each archer.

The brand also offers a wide range of sizes and powers to choose from so that your bow will perfectly fit your needs and allow you to evolve properly in your archery practice.

Choose from our selection of Eagle bows and accessories available in stock at our online Hattila gunsmithing store.

  • Longbow Eagle Bamboo 68 inches ;
  • Longbow Eagle Franklin ; Longbow Eagle Martino ;
  • Recurve Eagle Horsebow Dereck 48 inches ;
  • Etc.
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