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For nearly 100 years, Easton has been a family-owned business whose core values have always centered on working with archers around the world to advance the heritage of archery.

Since then, Doug Easton, Jim Easton and Greg Easton have led the company. Easton products provide lasting satisfaction to their owners through a long history of collaboration and experience.

Easton bows are sold ready to use and are manufactured using the latest technological advances in fiberglass, polymeric materials and more. As a result, Easton bows are very light, manageable and easy to use. For this reason, they are an ideal starting point for anyone interested in archery. In addition, Easton bows can be purchased as a kit or with no assembly required (one piece) depending on your needs. But what is certain is that they allow beginners to start archery in the right conditions and at a lower cost.

Choose from our selection of bows and accessories from Easton available in stock at Hattila Online Gunsmithing.

  • Easton Beginner Recurve Bow;
  • Easton Beginner Bow Kit.
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