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A bow's build quality determines its performance as much as its design technology. EK Archery compares new bows to old designs. This approach refers to an iterative process where engineering data is synchronized with manufacturing realities. This helps to efficiently build components such as strings, cams, limbs and grips for Ek Archery bows.

The brand measures the success of their achievement through more than just price. In fact, they measure it by the standards of their archers, who are among the most demanding. Instead of creating shoddy products, Ek Archery actively involves their manufacturing teams in several stages of design. This constant involvement encourages continuous improvement and allows them to detect problems as they arise. As a result, this leads to the production of the highest quality EK Archery compound bows that meet the needs of their demanding audience.

Choose from our selections of bows and accessories from EK Archery available in stock at our Hattila online armoury store.

  • Ek Archery Whipshot 6-Arrow Compound Bow;
  • Ek Archery Rex Compound Bow;
  • Ek Archery Protex Compound Bow;
  • Ek Archery Kirupira Compound Bow;
  • Ek Archery Firestar Compound Bow;
  • etc.
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