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Many champions choose Falco bows, simply because this brand offers quality products, robust and very easy to handle.Falco Archery has won numerous European and World Championship titles over the past decade with their increased production of longbows and crossbows. Falco offers a wide range of products in their collection. These include bows, arrows and other accessories for archery and crossbow.

The brand offers this wide range of options for those interested in archery and crossbow shooting to ensure a complete shooting experience. Falco provides archery equipment for people of all ages and genders. Anyone can use their equipment, regardless of experience. With the many varieties of bows that are offered by the brand, it is easy to find equipment suitable for younger users (4-5 years old) through retirement age. In addition, Falco bows come in a wide range of sizes and strengths. Models can be selected based on the model, strength and size of each archer (ranging from 25 to 65 lbs).

For the pleasure of the eye and the quality of the product (strength and comfort), Falco bows are generally made of high quality wood/carbon and adorned with an elegant and original finish.

Choose from our selection of Falco bows and accessories available in stock at our online Hattila armoury store.

  • Falco Epos Carbon Longbow ;
  • Falco Triumph Vintage Rosewood/Bubinga Longbow ;
  • Falco Triumph Vintage Zebrano/Kurly Longbow.
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25 - 65




€345.00 - €365.00

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