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Hori-Zone is an outdoor equipment manufacturer from Taiwan. It specializes in crossbow, archery and crossbow accessories. What really makes the brand famous is its world-class products. Moreover, it deploys them at the international level. In fact, Hori-zone is one of the major suppliers of bows to our online gun shop. You will find different models of bows and accessories offered by the manufacturer.

Hori-Zone offers items with great quality-price ratio in all their products such as bows, crossbows, full packs or accessories. In addition, the price ranges are wide to select the right model(s) for your budget.

Choosing Hori-Zone recurve bows is to bet on products resulting from nearly 10 years of experience in the design of outdoor equipment. They combine a number of attractive advantages that will appeal to users of all levels. In addition, Hori-zone bows are available for men and women of all ages and physical abilities. Hori-zone's goal is to provide high quality bows and equipment to all hunting and archery enthusiasts.

Choose from our selection of Hori-Zone bows and accessories available in stock at our Hattila online gun shop.

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