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The Rolan bows

Rolan is a bow manufacturer created in 1998 with the launch of the first monobloc handle made of injected polymers. The Rolan workshop manages on a single site, the assembly, the injection, the packaging of the parts and the quality control, which allows to reduce its carbon footprint. It is equipped with state of the art equipment, full electric injection presses with 3 to 6 axis robots, a test center and a shooting range.

Rolan combines the mastery of an innovative technology in the archery world and the passion of archery. The Rolan brand is part of JLK France, located in Meillonnas in the Ain. In 2019, the company equipped itself with a new building created to reduce energy consumption and promote the well-being of its employees.

The brand is committed to an eco-responsible approach by developing products designed with recycled and recyclable materials thanks to the injection of single-material composite. Adhesive markings are also replaced by markings engraved in the material. Thus, the recycling of Rolan bows is 100% optimized, as is the case with the new Snake range.

At Hattila, we invite you to discover the different models of Rolan bows.

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