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The Samick Bows

Since 1975, Samick has been a leading company in the archery world. The brand manufactures a complete line of Samick bows for beginners as well as high-level experts. Samick strives to maximize its technical resources and expertise to produce the highest quality products.

In the records of archery champions around the world, Samick Horsebow bows have proven themselves. In other words, the brand is the choice of champions. If you want to take your archery to the next level, Samick models are the way to go. The Samick brand shares the passion of archery for top performance. Its professional team and high quality design system enable it to design high performance bows.

The high carbon technology of Samick recurve bows provides archers with better stability and speed. Its aluminum technology is also the best for hardness and strength. To absorb vibrations and shocks, Samick bows are equipped with the brand's stabilization system. By balancing all these technologies in its bows, the brand brings you the best performance.

At Hattila, we invite you to discover our different models of Samick bows.

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