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Ravin crossbow press
Ravin crossbow press

Ravin crossbow press

This crossbow press is designed for Ravin crossbows, it can be used for many other models, read the description to learn more.

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Ravin Crossbow Press

This compound crossbow press is designed by Ravin for crossbows of the same brand. As a professional we have learned to use it for many other brands as you can see in the video, but beware: improper use can cause problems for the operation of the crossbow warranty.

We use it for all compound crossbows sold on our site, for the moment we have not encountered any incompatibility but we have not tested all models.

Operation of the Ravin crossbow press:

The principle of operation is quite simple, you wedge the crossbow between the jaws (leaving the pulleys free to turn) and you tighten using the handle. The pliers will therefore press the crossbow as and when tightening and this will relax the rope and cables.

Take care to locate the assembly to be able to reassemble everything.

Do not squeeze the crossbow too much, once the rope or cables come out of their housing it's good, no need to go further.

Features of the crossbow press:

Maximum crossbow width (when there is no cable or rope): 56 cm

Weight: 2.71 Kg

Alternative of the Ravin crossbow Press:

We offer a portable crossbow press for all sufficiently wide Compound crossbows (incompatible with Ravin which can only use the above press)

The advantage is its great versatility but it is also more complicated to adjust. You discover this portable press in the video above.


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