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Lot of 10 bolts 15 inches for Cobra R9-RX + 6 hunting spikes

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Complete your crossbow accessory with this EK Poelang crossbow bolts Carbon Cobra System R9 (10/Pk)! Cobra R9 and RX crossbows require special powerful crossbow bolts created by its manufacturer EK Archery.

EK Poelang Crossbow Bolts Carbon Cobra System R9 (10/Pk) : for accurate and consistent shooting

The EK Poelang crossbow bolts Carbon Cobra System R9 (10/Pk) is compatible with all R9 and RX powers: 90, 110 and 130 lbs. These 42 cm carbon arrows are the only arrows adaptable to the Cobra R9 crossbow and weigh only 16 grams per arrow. The tip can be unscrewed to install broadheads (see links in the "accessories" tab). WARNING: It is advised not to shoot in a target too hard as wood. The use of special targets for crossbows that stop the arrows without damaging them is to be prioritized.

Characteristics of the EK Poelang Crossbow Bolts Carbon Cobra System R9 (10/Pk) :

  • Length : 42 cm
  • Diameter : 7 mm
  • Weight : 16 grams
  • Compatible with all R9 and RX draw weight : 90, 110 and 130 lbs

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EK - Poelang
Cobra R9-RX

These broadheads are designed for 16 and 20 inch arrows. Thanks to them, you will be able to use your crossbow to hunt. These hunting tips are sold in sets of six.

Lot of 6 hunting spikes

- To screw on the arrows of 16 and 22 inches (the 14 inches are too small)
- 3 blades per hunting tips
- Lot of 6 hunting spikes

Designed only to fit 16 "and 22" arrows, these metal flush tips are sharpened like razor blades. They will allow you not to limit the use of your crossbow to target shooting, but also to use it for hunting.

These metal tips are very easy to use. Simply unscrew the heads of the original arrows and screw the spikes instead.

The color of the tips may vary depending on the arrival and the supplier.

These hunting tips are suitable for our:

- 16 inch aluminum crossbow arrows
- 16 inch 8mm aluminum crossbow arrows
- 20 inch aluminum crossbow arrows
- 22 inch carbon crossbow arrows
- bow arrows

Warning: these hunting tips are not usable on arrows of 14 inches.

NOT SUITABLE for 50 and 80 pound mini crossbow arrows.

Contact us now for more information.

Data sheet


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