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QAD Ultra Rest MXT arrow rest
QAD Ultra Rest MXT arrow rest

QAD Ultra Rest MXT arrow rest

Get an outsized advantage over other bow hunters with this QAD Ultra Rest MXT arrow rest !

- QAD, 5628

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Sold out

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QAD Ultra Rest MXT arrow rest : precision and quality

The QAD Ultra Rest MXT arrow rest is one of the bow accessory so precise that with each click, it adjusts vertically or horizontally to just 1.9 thousandth of an inch. Ask any professional what the most important accessory on a bow is and they will tell you the arrow rest. With its precision adjustment capabilities, anti-rebound technology and extreme tolerances, the MXT is the only arrow rest that will truly allow you to experience the maximum capabilities of today's high performance bows. Even with more features in the MXT than any other arrow rest, the MXT is still stylish and extremely lightweight. The MXT also allows you to fine-tune the flight of broadheads with ease and shoot accurately at distances you never thought possible. A convenient thumbwheel locks the launcher in the catch position.

Characteristics of the QAD Ultra Rest MXT arrow rest :

  • Color : black and camo
  • Handedness: RH
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