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Barnett Recruit Recurve Crossbow 245 fps 150 lbs + red dot

Barnett Recruit Recurve Crossbow 245 fps 150 lbs + red dot

The Barnett Recruit Recurve crossbow has a power of 150 lbs. It shoots arrows at 245 FPS (about 268 km / h)

HAT-Recruite78069 - Barnett, 769

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Barnett Recruit Recurve Crossbow 245 fps 150 lbs + red dot

The Barnett Recruit Recurve Compound Crossbow is the perfect tactical crossbow, easy to handle while maintaining sufficient speed for hunting. At 245 FPS, with 150 lbs of thrust this crossbow can shoot any game the hunter wishes to pursue. (Crossbow hunting is prohibited in France)

Anti-vacuum system
Single bolt assembly

Arrow speed: 245 FPS (268 km / h)
Total length: 82.5 cm
Width: 67 cm
Rope stroke: 32 cm
Weight: 2.22 Kg

Box contents:
- Barnett Crossbow Recruit without pulleys
- Red dot
- Manual bandage
- Quiver for 3 arrows
- 3 lines 20 inches
- Tube of lubrication wax

The reputation of the brand is no longer to do you can only be satisfied!

The Barnett Recruit Recurve 245 fps is a small, high-end tactical crossbow that has everything you need for hunting like recreational shooting.

From the Barnett Crossbow family, it is a light and compact, but reliable and good caliber draft weapon. It measures 82.5 cm in length and 67 cm in width for 2.22 kg. No clutter, easy to handle and tactical. Designed for unparalleled shooting comfort, all you have to do is refine your strategy.

It is a crossbow without pulleys as aesthetic with its black color and its red dot scope. Its high quality Barnett scope with red light point, mounted on Picattiny rails gives you precision for long or medium distance shots.

The Recruit is a small hunting crossbow, less powerful than the 165 lbs Barnett Vengeance. But even if it’s only 150 lbs, it’s a great weapon for hunting. Peak speed at 245 fps, about 268 km / h. Something to kill an animal at once. For recreational shooting, always make sure the target is compatible and resistant. We advise you our targets on Hattila.com.

Like all crossbows of the Barnett brand sold in our shop, the Recruit Recurve is a ready-to-shoot weapon. Delivered in a pack, it already contains several accessories for crossbows such as a quiver for 3 arrows, a manual band to put the rope in place on the bow, the telescopic sight and lubricant. 3 carbon 20 inch arrows are also available, but we recommend the 20 inch arrows for replacement.

I mean, it's a cheap Barnett crossbow. Of the entire collection, its price is the lowest.

Vente d arbalète interdite aux mineurs CAUTION: CROSSBOWS ARE NOT TOYS, their sale is prohibited to minors, and you risk a ticket (or worse) if you carry mounted in a public place. Make sure you keep children, pets and take to a place that is not likely to hurt someone if you miss your target.

Hattila assumes no responsibility for the use of this product, as a weapon of the fourth class, it must be transported in packaging and properly closed.

For shooting practice safely, we recommend wearing protective clothing, but also the respect of safety practices. The wearing of any article having the appearance of a weapon, even if it does not have the function is strictly forbidden in public.

Power (lbs)
Speed (FPS)
Pack of 6 bolts Carbon of 22 inches (55cm) Pack of 6 bolts Carbon of 22 inches (55cm) 2
In stock
Large Crossbows Bolts

6 Carbon Bolts 20 inches (51cm)

These carbon arrows are the ideal ammunition for hunting. These crossbow arrows measure 20 inches (51 cm) in length. They are sold in sets of six for a competitive price.

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