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  • What is the best way to mount one's arrows?

    Advanced or beginner, it is always good to go back to the basics, let's see the main steps to follow to assemble and mount the sport shooting arrows

    Bows Published : 06/22/2021

  • The card sickness, Gold panic or Archery target panic

    Have you ever felt that sensation that prevents you from executing a controlled shot? If so, you are suffering from card sickness or Target panic. Be aware that you are not alone, as this is a [...]

    Bows Published : 06/22/2021

  • Archery, the perfect family leisure sport

    Archery is a sport that everyone can do. That's why it's the ideal hobby for people who want to share an activity with their family. With less headaches, they practice it regularly in their own [...]

    Bows Published : 06/22/2021

  • All about modern carbon arrows

    The arrow market has been evolving for years. Today, with the appearance of Chinese production, there are a multitude of carbon arrows. You will find different names, different diameters, [...]

    Bows Published : 06/22/2021

  • Archer's paradox: why do arrows swing?

    When we look at the naked eye, we have the impression that arrows pierce the sky with an incredible straightness: straight as an arrow.

    Bows Published : 06/21/2021

  • 5 tips for shooting in the rain

    Many archers look to the sky before starting an archery competition as if a few raindrops might interfere with their efforts and prevent them from shooting.

    Bows Published : 06/21/2021

  • How to make a D-loop?

    The D-loop is an important element to use for compound bows only. It will be useful for the string grip of the release. But how to make a D-loop?

    Bows Published : 06/21/2021

  • Beginner archer: how to choose your first bow?

    The first thing that a beginner archer must do is to choose his first bow. To do this, it is important to consider various criteria so that the bow can meet your needs.

    Bows Published : 06/16/2021

  • The different categories of archery handisport

    Archery is a sport that requires precision, control of equipment and self, a good physical, psychological and mental level. In short, to progress in this discipline, (...)

    Bows Published : 06/16/2021

  • 10 principles of the beginner archer

    All archers, as talented as they are, started as beginners. To progress in this sport, they had to work hard, put in many hours of hard training, and learn the basics of (...)

    Bows Published : 06/16/2021

  • How to choose a foam target?

    Among the most popular targets for archers today are those made of foam. Easy to set up, move and use, this type of target is easily adapted to a variety of shooting practice situations

    Bows Published : 06/16/2021

  • How to find the right posture in archery?

    In order to have a good result in archery, it is important to start from a good base by choosing the ideal posture. Indeed, you stand upright and in balance, thanks to the muscles that are [...]

    Bows Published : 06/07/2021

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