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All about outdoor archery

aligned targets for outdoor archery

But how is outdoor archery practiced? To answer this question, in this article, we will talk about everything you need to know about outdoor archery.

Why practice archery?

Archery is one of the most beneficial sports:

  • It is accessible to everyone: anyone can do archery from the age of 7 thanks to the sucker point bows. It is also a friendly sport for family and friends. You can do archery for leisure or to participate in a competition. Moreover, this sport connects all generations.
  • It is the ideal sport to progress quickly: you could progress quickly by doing archery. The first arrows are shot at a distance of 6 meters then 10, 15 until the official distance 70m. Moreover, the tests allow to assess the progress of the archer.
  • Archery is a sport that makes you gain confidence: Archery allows you to learn to concentrate better and thus gain more confidence. It is also a good option for acquiring self-control and managing your emotions.
  • Good for the body and mind: it works the whole body and improves the coordination of movements. It helps to improve concentration.
  • A wide range of activities: you could practice archery alone or in a team depending on your preferences and your physical ability.
  • Archery is a healthy sport and can be practiced all year round.

Outdoor Archery Course of Action

Outdoor archery always takes place on open, flat ground. The competition takes place during one day. In the morning, the long-distance shooting will take place, where each archer shoots six arrows in 4 minutes on 122cm fences. In the afternoon, the archers move on to short distance shooting, i.e. from 50 to 30 cm. Each archer will shoot three arrows per flight in 2 minutes on 80cm target face.

International outdoor archery disciplines

For outdoor archery, the archers shoot at a traditional target which is composed of yellow, red, blue, black and white circles. Scores range from 10 for the inner circle to 1 for the outer circle. For a traditional bow, the diameter of the target is 122cm. It is located from 20 to 70m depending on the level and category of archer. The target for the compound bow is 80cm in diameter with a circle of 10 measuring 8cm in diameter. This target only corresponds to the yellow, red and blue color with the last blue circle counting 5 points. Concerning the distance, compound archers shoot at 50m.

The archers shoot 72 arrows for a maximum of 720 points. The number of points earned will determine their rank in the table.

Is outdoor archery possible at home?

This question is often asked when we talk about archery. While clubs and companies are the perfect place to start archery, there is nothing to stop you from doing it at home. You could make your backyard a place of discovery for the sport. To do this, safety is essential, so if you are near children, we advise you to shoot with arrows with sucker points. Next, it is also important that you know how to identify the shooting area. Choose a large enough field, a clear shooting area and make sure that no one is around. This is true no matter where you are (e.g. on vacation).

However, if you want to shoot steel-tipped arrows safely, we advise you to go to a club to learn and to get advice from professionals.