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Archery Accessories: Arrows

multiple arrows shot on a target

But just like bows, there are also many different varieties of arrows on the market. A quality arrow made from top quality materials will always be better than others. An arrow that doesn't match your bow will fly around and surely affect your shots. Would you like to know more about this accessory? In this article, we focus on arrows.

What is an arrow made of?

Generally, an arrow is made of 4 elements:

  • The shaft: made of wood, aluminum or carbon fiber, it is considered the heart of the arrow. The length of the tube is determined by the length of the archer.
  • The point: it is a parabolic element. Generally made of steel, the point is glued to one end of the tube. It is located opposite the tail. It can also be made of wood. The point must be heavy to ensure the power of the arrow but light enough to limit the flight of the arrow.
  • The nocke : it is glued in the other end of the tube opposite the point. Made of plastic, the nocke allows the arrow to be clipped onto the bowstring.
  • Feathers: glued to the tube, the feathers ensure the arrow's stability during its flight. In fact, they prevent and limit the oscillation of the arrows. The feathers can be natural or synthetic. The set of feathers on the arrow is called the "tail".

What are the different types of arrows on the market?

On the market, you will find wooden arrows, aluminum arrows, carbon arrows and aluminum carbon arrows.

Wooden arrows are made for traditional bows. They have the advantage of being soft, light and biodegradable. You could customize your wooden arrows (ink, paint, etc.) However, it should be noted that wooden arrows do not reach great distances unless you shoot with a lot of power.

Aluminum arrows have a relatively heavy, flexible and resistant tube. They are mostly used indoors by archers who use compound bows with high power. This type of arrow is very popular because of its durability and resistance to heat and solvents. This makes it easy to degrease before gluing the nibs.

Carbon arrows are very powerful and popular, because its tube combines lightness, speed and flexibility. It is the ideal type of arrow for long distance shooting. Carbon arrows allow beginners to evolve easily and professionals to refine their techniques. They are also very appreciated for their flexibility and durability. However, they must be renewed immediately in case of wear or abnormality, as breakage can be dangerous.

Aluminium carbon arrows are widely used by archers all over the world, because its tube combines rigidity, good velocity and great durability. Thanks to its composition, the advantages of aluminum and carbon compensate for the defects of these two materials. It is therefore a tube that gains in strength, but loses a little speed. With its increasing weight, a minimum of power is required to shoot efficiently at long distance.

Finding the right arrow length: how to proceed?

Regardless of the type of bow, the correct length of an arrow is the distance from the nock to the end of the tube. Do not include the insert and tip in this measurement. To do this, mark the arrow at least one inch in front of the point where the arrow contacts the arrow rest. The measurement found is the ideal length of your arrow and is the cutting point of the tube.

How to choose your arrows correctly

To choose your arrows correctly, several points must be considered:

  • the length of your shaft: to determine it, use a graduated arrow. Then, get into a shooting position. Then, with the help of another person, draw a line on the arrow 2.5 cm in front of the axis of the shepherd button. Your draw length is the distance from the mark on the arrow to the bottom of the nock.
  • the power of your bow: you could use a bow scale called a peson.
  • the type of bow you use: for longbows, choose wooden arrows. For recurve bows, you could shoot with aluminum or wooden arrows. For classical bows, it is better to use carbon arrows for outdoor shooting and aluminum arrows for indoor shooting. For compound bows in target shooting, choose carbon arrows for outdoor shooting and aluminum arrows with a large diameter for indoor shooting. If you are shooting with a compound bow for natural or 3D shooting, we recommend that you choose a carbon arrow with a diameter that is preferably not too small.
  • the different parameters: material, diameter, tube thickness.

It should be noted that the choice of the point, the nibs and the notch will depend on the discipline practiced.

Where to buy an arrow?

There is nothing more reassuring than to buy your arrows in your usual archery store. But you could also order online from online stores or sales sites like Amazon, e-Bay, C discount, etc.

As far as the price of the arrows is concerned, the models that are intended for initiation are sold for about 4 euros each. On the other hand, if you want to turn to high-end arrows that are made of carbon or aluminum, you will have to plan for about 15 euros per arrow.

Is it possible to personalize your arrow?

Yes, you can decorate and personalize your arrows with special crestings or wraps. This will allow you to distinguish your arrows from those of other archers.