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Archery equipment: the different types of bows

archers with different types of bows

You will find three main categories: the recurve or classical bow, the longbow which is also called the recurve bow, and the compound or compound bow. But there are also sub-categories. In order to list them, in this article we will talk about everything you need to know about the different types of bows.

The classical or recurve bow

The recurve bow is defined by the curvature of its limbs. It is easily identifiable because its handle is more massive. You will find recurve bows of different sizes and power on the market. The power of this bow can reach up to 40 lbs if it is intended for adults.

The recurve bow is most often used for instinctive shooting, as it does not require any aiming organs. However, if you wish, you can combine it with other accessories such as the stabilizer.

This type of bow has the advantage of being versatile. You will be able to use it for recreational shooting, during competitions, for target shooting whether indoors or outdoors. You could even use it for hunting, but it is less efficient than the compound.

The monobloc bow

The monobloc bow is the ideal material for starting out in traditional shooting. It is built in one piece, which allows it to be more stable. It is very appreciated for its beauty and lightness. On the other hand, its performance is reduced, which does not allow a rapid evolution in the practice of archery.

Made of wood, it is the perfect bow for traditional bow lovers. This type of bow can shoot well with wooden, carbon, aluminum or even fiberglass arrows.

It should be noted that this type of bow is available in several sizes and powers. Its price can reach up to more than 1,000€ if it is a very sophisticated and original bow.

Take down bow

The take-down bow is the ideal equipment for archers on their way to progress. Indeed, with this type of bow, they will not be obliged to buy a new bow in case of property change.

For a take-down bow, the limbs attached to their bodies can be detached. They are made from carbon, fiberglass, aluminum. Its riser can be made of wood.

This type of bow has the advantage of being more rigid and refined compared to its brothers. To offer better performance, you will have several adjustment possibilities. In addition, the grip is interchangeable so that you can improve quickly.

However, it should be noted that this bow is often heavier.

The compound bow

The compound bow is the bow that can propel arrows quickly thanks to a set of hoists that multiplies its power. It is the ideal bow for hunting, but it can also be used for leisure.

If you want to use this type of bow for leisure, it is recommended to opt for a power of 12 pounds. However, if it is used for hunting, its power can reach up to 75 pounds.

Thanks to its high power, the shot is more accurate. And, if you don't master the different techniques, the adjustment can be very difficult.

The longbow

The longbow is a traditional bow of great size, as it can reach up to two meters. It is a "D" shaped bow. It is made of a single block and is often made of wood. Of English origin, this type of bow is mostly reserved for experienced archers who practice natural shooting.

It should be noted that you could find straight bows of different sizes depending on your morphology. This bow stands out for its flexibility and lightness. Many archers are attracted to this bow because of its aesthetics. However, it can be difficult to master without aiming aids.

The barebow

The barebow is mostly used during field shooting competitions. To shoot with a barebow, the archer does not use any equipment such as a sight or stabilizer. But he can afford to use a shepherd-button if he wishes.

Its size, power, settings are the same as with conventional bows.

This type of bow is the ideal equipment for learning all aspects of shooting. However, you will need a lot of time to master the techniques and gestures.

The Hunting Bow

All bows (recurve, compound, longbow) can become hunting bows. Indeed, everything depends on the game and the archer's will. The difference between the hunting bows will be in their arrows.

In addition, it should be noted that the best hunting bow is the compound bow. Indeed, thanks to its power, it will allow the hunters, the archer to catch large game such as wild boar for example.

The competition bow

Even if all types of bows can be used for a competition, the official bow of the Olympic Games and other competitions remains the recurve bow. Competitions are always held on indoor or outdoor targets. Nature shooting is done on animal flags and 3D shooting is done on foam targets that have been painted with animal colors.

Japanese bow or Yumi

The Japanese bow or Yumi is a special bow used for martial arts. Traditionally, this bow is made of bamboo but you can also find models made of fiber or carbon. It is a very large bow that can exceed two meters. This bow is usually held with the left hand.

To shoot, the bows use the "ya" or Japanese arrow. It can be made of bamboo aluminum or carbon fiber.

If you want the Yumi, remember that the quality of the posture and the gesture is to be prioritized.