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Discover Barnett crossbows through our blog.


Barnett crossbows are among the best crossbows in the world! When we talk about a Barnett crossbow we think of the outstanding finish, precision and great power it provides.

Barnett is the pioneer of modern crossbows. As a true innovator, he is constantly reinventing and has earned the trust of his users. Whether it is a hunting crossbow, a powerful compound crossbow or a classic crossbow, all of the brand's products offer unparalleled quality (durable, ergonomic, easy to handle) and performance (precision shooting, silenced).


It all started with a man named Bernard Barnett who made crossbows in his garage. Today, Barnett Crossbows, LLC is the world's leading manufacturer of crossbows, archery products and slingshots. It's proof that a solid design, coupled with a determination to constantly improve that design, can turn a small beginning into something much bigger. With one foot rooted in tradition and the other looking to the future, there are no limits to what Barnett can do in terms of a shooting weapon for beginners and experienced shooters alike.


Shooting styles and personal preferences for crossbow equipment vary greatly from one archer to another. As a result, Barnett offers a wide range of crossbows to meet a variety of needs for small and large game hunting, target shooting and sport shooting.


Whether you are a hunter, competitor, target or recreational shooter, take a moment to read our articles. They will help you to choose your Barnett crossbow pack with its accessories (scope, quiver, bolts, stock) at the best price on your online archery Hatilla.com specialist in the sale of throwing weapons.


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