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Test and review Barnett Predator

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Are you passionate about sport shooting, leisure shooting or crossbow hunting, but hesitating among the multiple choices of models and types available on the market? Today, we invite you to discover the Barnett crossbows. Our article will explore in detail everything there is to know about the Barnett Predator model.


The American crossbow specialist "Barnett" has built a reputation and notoriety with its know-how and expertise. Today, thanks to its experience and the cutting-edge technology it has been constantly innovating for years, Barnett is one of the world's leading crossbow manufacturers.

Crossbow models from this renowned brand are available on the market. These include the compound crossbow, the hunting crossbow, the simple crossbow, and several archery accessories.


Barnett Predator

From the very first grip, and even before firing, we can see that the Barnett Predator is easy and quick to assemble. It is even a quality that is very much appreciated with this throwing weapon. Assemble this piece of technology in a single touch. Once assembled, it is impossible not to fall under the spell of this crossbow with its avant-garde design. Moreover, all the small details have been imagined to combine elegance and robustness in this exceptional product.

To stand out from its competitors, Barnett offers the Predator with a longer frame, very different from the Barnett Jackal. Of course, once positioned on the shoulder, the special design of the Predator offers a better grip with a feeling of smoothness and shooting regularity.

Stability and comfort are optimized by rubberized grips. This prevents the weapon from slipping once in the hand. Its weight is well calculated, it is neither too light nor too imposing. This provides a very pleasant sensation when shooting.


Projectile speed

430 FPS (471,8 km/h)


187 lbs

Kinetic energy

156 lb-ft

Power stroke

16.2 in (41.2 cm)

Total weight

7.4 lbs (3.4 kg)


37 in (94.3 cm) long and 10.6 in (50.1 cm) wide

Axle to axle

17.7 in (45.4 cm);


  • Patented step elevator in carbonlite.
  • Rope dampers, for stealth shooting
  • CNC machined aluminum flight tracks
  • Possibility of integrating a Barnett crank arming device
  • Equipped with a counterweight support that can be retracted under the arms
  • Equipped with a nock sensor and an anti-draw vacuum system. It is also equipped with a finger guard and finger safety reminders.
  • Finish: Black


If you are thinking of purchasing a Barnett Predator crossbow, you will receive it with :

  • The high performance 0.1x1.2 inch (4x32 mm) scope for precision shooting
  • The seven layers of polarized multilayer lenses
  • Three 19.6 inches (50.8 cm) bolts ammunition
  • A quiver with side mounting and quick release
  • A shoulder strap
  • A rope arming device and lubricating wax.


The Barnett Predator crossbow, is a model rather known for its power, efficiency and robustness, perfect for hunting. In order to be more maneuverable and ergonomic, the Barnett engineers who participated in its design, innovate by equipping the crossbow with a Carbonlite riser. This has reduced its overall weight and provides balance throughout the entire weapon./p>

The riser of the Predator crossbow rifle is equipped with a stretched crowbar that is well concealed in the gun's structure to be virtually invisible. This is a great leap forward from some of the stirrup mechanisms that usually protrude from the front of a crossbow.

To offer exemplary shooting comfort and handling worthy of the greatest crossbow shooters, the riser is equipped with a front pass-through handle. The bow is compatible with the cocking cranks if you opt for this option as well.

Like many other Barnett models we have tested (see our comparison), the Predator has also inherited the unique RUCS or Retractable Underarm Counterbalance Support system. This is a great advantage. The retractable arm, unique to Barnett models, can be lowered under the synthetic stock and retracted under the arm for additional support and balance.

Other features that make the Predator an exceptional product include :

  • Its Soft-Lok floating bristle bolt holder,
  • Its CNC machined aluminum flight tracks,
  • Its four Picatinny rails for the assembly of many accessories,
  • Ses amortisseurs de corde.


Barnett Recruit Crossbow

Barnett Ghost

Barnett Accessories


Without a good trigger, it would be difficult to ensure the safety and success of crossbow shots. With the availability of current research and technological breakthroughs, it is now possible to overcome the limitations imposed by conventional sliding friction triggers. This is known as "TriggerTech".

For the benefit of everyone, current and future owners of Barnett Predator, it is important to know that this little gem has this "TriggerTech" in its mechanism. As a result, the Predator's trigger system is frictionless for a softer, lighter result.

To maximize the shooter's performance, it is imperative to create a calm and serene atmosphere. In addition to its environment, the weapon he uses must also meet this requirement of reliability. Thanks to the TriggerTech, the Barnett Predator crossbow is equipped with multiple junction sensors and vacuum anti-fire technology to provide more confidence and peace of mind./p>


  • Fast, powerful and accurate at long distance/li>
  • Includes a 0.1x1.2 inch (4x32 mm)scope
  • Optional crank arming device. It works well and is easy to install
  • Crank arming device not available
  • The trigger is very sensitive

Buy Barnett Predator Crossbow


For those who are looking for a powerful crossbow, don't ask yourself any more questions and choose the Barnett Predator. It offers several interesting features for shooters or hunters looking for comfort. All this without neglecting performance so you won't miss any targets and catch big game or wild boar. For $1399, we recommend it without hesitation.

To buy a Barnett crossbow go to Hattila.com, European distributor of BARNETT crossbows.

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