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Discover the world of bows, this legendary, powerful and silent weapon. Used for hunting, leisure and competition

Archery is one of the oldest arts still practiced today. The evolution of archery began early in human history and evidence of ancient archers has been found all over the world. Man used bows and arrows mainly for hunting and warfare, this practice was common during prehistoric and medieval times.


Nowadays, bows and arrows are mainly used for hunting and sport shooting. The practice of archery is one of the sports activities that has rapidly evolved and continues to attract more and more followers. Whether you were inspired by childhood memories of Robin Hood or popular series like Arrow and Game of Thrones or movies like Hunger Games, it's easy to see why.


The shooting bow has developed a lot compared to the traditional bow or wooden bow. Today it is built from high-tech materials such as fiberglass and carbon fiber, or the composite bow. Some are equipped with advanced shooting mechanisms.


The four main types of bows available are:

  • - the recurve or classical bow,
  • - the compound bow,
  • - the longbow,
  • - and the crossbow.

Whether you are competitive shooters, hunters, collectors, or amateurs, Hattila, your online archery offers you a wide range of bows to satisfy all your needs, whatever your level (beginners or confirmed) and your activities :

  • - big game and small game hunting,
  • - target practice,
  • - leisure,
  • - natural shooting,
  • - or the competition.

If you are reading this, there is a good chance that you are a beginner on the course to become an expert archer. Take a moment to discover and understand the world of bows, learning about the different types of bows, what they offer, their use and the different kits available such as:

  • - the quiver or arrow rest,
  • - the arrow tips,
  • - the viewfinder,
  • - the targets.

Our articles will allow you to make the best choice for the purchase of your favorite edged weapon to practice shooting.


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