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Competition Stage fright: 5 tips before entering the archery arena

5 tips to avoid competition stage fright

However, it can be a handicap that will prevent you from excelling in the game and achieving your goals. So how do you get rid of competition stage fright? Here is some information and important tips to know about how to keep yourself from becoming overwhelmed.

Before you step into the arena, pretend like it's just you

No matter how many people are around you, no matter how many opponents you have, remember that it's just you. We also advise you to disconnect from everything that is going on around you: noise, applause, etc. so you can focus on what you are going to do. This mindset will help you focus on the technics and ways to aim at the target.

To help you disconnect, imagine that it's just you, your bow and arrow.

Start visualizing everything that is going to happen

The challenge of the competition is in the mental training. This is a way of getting directly from mental preparation, because it uses the different branches of relaxation. So visualize everything from the moment you step on the field till the end of the game. Visualize the match, visualize your pathways, your technical gestures to better anticipate and carry them out. Think about how your bow will be set up throughout the match. Prepare yourself for the pressure you may feel during the match. Think about what your reaction will be.

You might also imagine the location by asking the question: what will it be like to shoot there? And to motivate yourself, imagine how you will celebrate if you win. This will give you a little push to control your mind. These good ways of visualizing what is going to happen will be important if you want to achieve your goals and avoid hesitations, doubts, anxieties, etc.

Keep your routine simple, but effective

Keep your usual routine and the simple things that are on your mind. You may even want to think of the competition you are going to do as part of your training. This will help you avoid stress, stage fright and focus on the shot, on why you are going to shoot that bow.

It is also advisable not to change anything about the way you are going to shoot, just keep doing what you have done so far. In fact, that is exactly how it should be.

Stay calm and breathe

Breathing is natural for everyone, but breathing well is not so obvious. Since archery is a sport of precision and concentration, full breathing is required before entering the archery arena.  Be calm and unconcerned. Breathe in and out slowly, as this is the only way to get enough oxygen into your lungs so you can release anxiety, stress and stage fright. Archery is also a good opportunity to bring the body and mind into harmony.

For the trick, we advise you to close your eyes and breathe in slowly through your nose, mouth closed, letting your stomach swell. Hold for three to four seconds before exhaling through your mouth, pulling in your stomach. It is recommended to repeat this exercise 3 to 4 times to make it more effective.

Consider yourself as the best one

Often, we tend to hold on to the negative while knowing that it can ruin us. So, the best thing to do is to avoid underestimating yourself by comparing yourself to other athletes. Think positively and tell yourself that you are the best. Don't doubt your skills and be confident in yourself. Being optimistic will boost your morale as well as your motivation.

However, don't forget that the whole point of competition is to have fun. So, take advantage of this opportunity to live every moment.

As we have seen so far, competition jitters before entering the archery arena are not inevitable. It can be well channeled through preparation.